Wed - Feb 21, 2018


Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the CF OPEN

We will be having an Open Watch Party at the gym every THURSDAY when the Cf Games announces the workout live. We will stream it on the TV upfront. 

We will have some people performing the workout immediately after the announce it! So come watch the stream and then watch some brave souls give it a go.


15min of Light to Medium Snatch Bbalance and/or Snatch Drop Practice


5 Rounds
20 AirSquats
10 Pullups > Jumping Pullup
10 Burpees

Mon - Feb 19, 2018


Vickery has 53 People (with coaches) signed up for the Open!

CrossFit Open: THIS FRIDAY- March 26th
What is it?
The CrossFit Open is a world wide competition that includes everyone from the brand new CrossFitter, the weekend warrior, and  the CrossFit Games athlete competing in the same workout every week for 5 weeks. Each workout has a Scaled and Rx format so it is very doable at all levels. 

It is $20.00 to register. Follow the steps below.

1) Sign up on
2) Join affiliate "Vickery Crossfit"
3) Sign name on board by Front Desk!

When will Vickery be doing the workouts?
We will be doing Friday Night Open Workouts every Friday Night for the duration of the CF Open (5 weeks). this means no set evening classes.
First workout heat will start approx 4:45 and we will run until 7pm. More details about Friday Night Open Workouts will release soon.

 We will still be holding class in the morning and noon and be doing the workouts in class to the best of our abilities



5 Sets
250/225m Row
10 UB Powercleans (155/105)
R 4min

Record Individual Times
Cap is 90 seconds