Week of 9/3/2018 - 9/9/2018

PROGRAMMING FOR WEEK OF 9/3/2108 - 9/9/2018


Newsletter out this week. 

Labor Day Mega Class: 9:30am (All other classes cancelled)

4x12 @ 4110
A) KB/DB Single Leg RDL (12 per side)
R60sec btwn sets
30 Nordic Hamstring Curls
each person

DU or Ball Jumps
Reverse Lunge (53/35) *

*Goblet Hold (each leg counts as one)

Cool Down
3min per side pretzel Stretch

3 Sets
A) Max Kipping Toes to Ring
Rest no less than 90sec and no more than 3min
B) 4 Sets for Quality
Max Effort Body Weight Bench (BW/.75)*
550m Run
Rest 4min btwn sets

*pick weight that you can complete atleast 20 reps or more your first set... that means it might not be bodyweight....

Cool Down
Scap Rollout with lax ball 3min per side


6 sets from Rack
2 Front Squat +2 Push Press+ 2 Thrusters
Exery 2min for 20min
8 DB Snatch (50/35) into frontsquat (4L/4R)
8-12 Burpees

Cool Down
Banded Hamsting Contraction/Relax
2min perside

200m Run
100m Bicep Plate Carry (45/25)
300m Run
100m Bicep Plate Carry (45/25)
400m Run
100m Bicep Plate Carry (45/25)
550m Run
100m Bicep Plate Carry (45/25)
35min cap

Cool Down
EMOM x 10min:
Pullups or Variation...
- Scapula Pullups
- Barbell Pullups
- 35s of Neg Pullups
- Strict Pullups

*Goal is to find a consistent number that you can perform
all 10min. Better to shoot for a easier scale than fail on min 6

Front Rack Stretch
2min per side*
Every 10 Sec do an airsquat in stretch.
Every 90sec x 30 min:
Build to Challenging Power Clean + 2 Hang Power Clean*

*starfishing = no rep

Groups of 3*
*1 person has to be in top of a plank or FLR the entire time.
1200m Row / 1.4mi AB
80 Abmat Situps
80 Burpees