Week of 6/25 - 7/1

PROGRAMMING FOR WEEK OF 6/25/2108 - 7/1/2018

Whole Life Challenge

DEADLINE: July 7th - Returning users get discount

If the challenge is new to you...Its simple, all it is daily logging 7 daily habits and adhering to a food list depending on the level you pick. Text me or another coach to help you pick a level!

The 7 daily habits are nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration, mobility, well-being, reflection. 

After registration download the app on your phone. It is super user friendly! I will put you on smaller teams as the deadline of July 7th gets near. These will be your accountability/support system day in and day out!

CLICK HERE to Register to our Vickery Team

T-Shirt Announcement: T shirts and tanks will be in mid week and laid out with your name on it. Your accounts will be charged this week as well. 

10min Double Under or Triple Under Tech
5 Sets
500/450m Row*
Rest ~2min
400m Run** (Scale to 300m if needed)
Rest ~2min

*2min Cap
**2min Cap

Record 5 row times

Cool Down
3 Sets:
45s FLR
45s Side Plank L
45s Side Plank R
45s Superman

Calf Mash on KB
30 T2b > Knee Raises > Kips
30 Alt DB Snatch (50/35)
30 Push Ups
30 Kipping Pullups > Hard Jumping Pullups

25min time cap

Cool Down
15 Deficit Calf Raises
x 3-4 sets

1 Warm up set + 4 Working Sets
A1) BackSquat
12 reps @30X1
A2) Seated DB Curl @3011
*tempo is more important that weight
B) 4x12 Push Press

Cool Down
5min AMRAP:
50 Anchored Wtd Situps

EMOM x 10min:
Pullups or Variation...
- Scapula Pullups
- Barbell Pullups
- 35s of Neg Pullups
- Strict Pullups

*Goal is to find a consistent number that you can perform
all 10min. Better to shoot for a easier scale than fail on min 6
100 Turkish Get ups (50 each side)

Cool Down
5min Mobility Drill of Choice

Emom x33min
Min 1: 12/10 Calorie Row
Min 2: 40 sec KB Front Rack Hold
Min 3: 12-10 Burpees

Buy in
Partner "Karen"
150 Wallballs
150 Mountain Climbers
150 Reverse Wtd Lunge
150 Star Jumps
Cash Out
Partner "Karen"
150 Wallballs

Split everything evenly