Mon - March 5, 2018


Due to the Open 18.2 workout almost mirror imaging our WLC tester workout movements, load, and intensity. The tester workout has been moved to Wednesday of this week.

The Team Winner is Helios's Hellhounds

Mack Martinez
Taylor Hogue
Nikki Miller
Zach Morman
David Ufford
Trey Keith
Vishal Patel
Clay Mingus
This was decided off avg team points alone. The workout or measurements don't count towards team. They will get a free team dinner of their choosing!

Individual will be announced by weeks end. Make sure to measure fill out final assessment.


Workout of the Day

5x5 Strict Press
R 2min
*Small building sets if needed... all sets should be heavy


20min Amrap
30 DU >15 DU
30 C2b Pullups > HARD Jumping C2b > Ring Row
30 Box Jump (24/20)