6/17/2019 - 6/23/2019

Week of 6/17-6/23


Screenshot 2019-06-02 13.24.58.png

5x10 @3010
Bench Press
For Time
500m/450m Row
35 Burpees
35 Box Jumps Step Down (24/20)
35 Burpees

*10min Cap

High Dead Bug Pole Holds
14 sets (7min)
15sec on
15sec rest
25min Amrap
20/15 cal ab
15/side KB Chainsaw Row
50 DU > 25 DU > 250m Row
20 Filly DB Sit ups > Straight Leg Sit ups

20min to Perform
Back Rack BSS out of Rack
10 Rounds
10 UB DL > 12 KB/DB RDL > Hip Bridges
10 Strict Pull ups > Half Reps > 5 Negatives > 10 Barbell Pullups

*25min Cap

5 Sets
A1) 10 Koji Press
A2) 40-60 Handstand Hold Against Wall
12min Emom
Min 1: 15 Slamballs
Min 2: 20 Renegade Rows (L/R = 2 Reps)

30 Wallballs (20/14)
300m run
10 Hang Snatches (95/65) > 6/6 Db snatch
25 Wallballs
300m run
10 Hang Snatches
20 Wallballs
300m run
10 Hang Snatches
15 Wallballs
300m run
10 Hang Snatches
10 Wallballs
300m run
10 Hang Snatches

Saturday POOL PARTY AFTER CLASSES (See info below)

ADDRESS : 6304 Velasco Ave, Dallas, TX 75214

TIME: 1-6pm

Time has come for our June social event!
We are so lucky that our member Brian (Jax) and his lovely wife Jules to open their amazing home and pool AGAIN to our gym.

This event will start at 1pm and go until 6pm. We will help Jax and Jules clean their home after it winds down and then head out to maybe the bars.

We will have beer, cider, some liquor, and food there.
Please feel free to invite significant others on this fb group. This is a Vickery Member only event, so no rando friends... Please invite any members I maybe missed bc they are not part of the fb group.

What to bring:
-Swimsuit and towel if you plan on swimming. No biggie if not.
-Some liquor and mixers
-Uber (if you are drinking)
-Significant other

What NOT to bring:
-Friends who are not Vickery members
-Your car and then drunkingly drive home

9am Strength Saturdays
Front Squat @3313 (25min to complete)
5x10 (18min to complete)
Barbell RDL out of low rack @4110
*Progressing weight from last week*
6x 4 Wtd Pullups (15min to complete)

Saturday Community Class
Groups of 3
30min AMRAP
1200m Row
1200m Run
120 Burpees

Sunday Movement Therapy

Foot and Ankle work with Jess

Things that foot and ankle work can help.... (this is most of y'all)

Limited Mobility in Sqaut, Tight calves and ankles, shin splints when jumping or running, pain in bottom of feet, knee caving in at bottom of the squat