2/11/2019 - 2/17/2019

Week of 2/11 -2/17

Every 7 minutes x 6 sets:
22 Unbroken Wall Ball (20/15)
12 Burpees to 12in Target
12 Kipping Pullups > Reduce Number > Jumping Pullup

*Score each set for time

TECH WallBall: DB thruster to platform if needed

12min to Perform for Quality
50 Gnar Raise on Pole (3 second down)
Teams of 3*
5 Sets Each*
9 Unbroken Power Snatch
15/10 Calorie ab

*One person going at a time
*1:30 Time Cap for each set

TECH Full Snatch: Power Snatch > Hang or Hi Hang Power Snatch

5x5 Back Squat

TECH Back Squat: 5x10/side Bulg Split Sq @ 3011
13min AMRAP
12 Slamballs (30/20)
100m Run

15min AMRAP
Max Strict Pullup Set
Everytime you break perform a Max Pushup Set
Score= Total Reps btwn Pushups and Pullups
With a partner or 1:1 Rest
5 sets each 500m row

5x10/side External Rotations
5 Sets for Total Reps per Set
1min AB for Cal
1min Rest
1min Box Jump
1min Rest
1min Suit Cases
1min Rest

9am Strength Saturday
5x5 Bench Press (moreweight than last week)
5x5 Back Squat (more than last week)

10:15am Saturday Community
13min AMRAP w/ a Partner:
Alternating Rounds...
200m Run
10 Situps
13min AMRAP w/ a Partner:
Alternating Rounds...
10 DB/KB/Plate OH rReverse Lunges
5 Burpees

No Sunday Skills this week. It is the first 2 Sundays of each month.
Next Sunday Skills is Muscle Ups w/ Zach on March 2nd