\Week of 10/29/2018 - 11/4/2018

Programming for Week of 10/29/2018 - 11/4/2018

4x12 @ 4110
A) 10 KB/DB Single Leg RDL
30 Nordic Hamstring Curls
each person
DU or Ball Jumps
Wallball (20/14)

Cool Down
4x10 Jefferson Curls

These should be done by 95% of members with 10lbs or less. Specially if you experience back pain.

You should pull yourself upright by the tightening of your midline. NOT your low back.

3 Sets
Max Kipping Toes to Bar
5 Rounds for Individual Time
12 Bodyweight Bench
300m Row Sprint

*pick weight that you can complete your first two sets unbroken... that means it might not be bodyweight...

Cool Down
Pigeon Stretch 3min per side

For Time
Run 3 Times around the school
Every 90secs for 30min
Build to a Max Clean to Thruster

Cool Down
Accumulate 10min Total in a Mixture of Front and Side Planks

Emom x 15min
Strict Pullups > 30s of neg > Banded Strict > Barbell
4 Sets Not For Time
80sec of HS hold against the wall
12/side Db bentover Row with knee on bench
80sec of passive or active hang from bar

Cool Down
3min/side Scap Mash

2min/side Banded OH Stretch
3min Butterfly Stretch against wall with plates on knees
2 RFT with a Partner
40 Db Wtd Box Step Overs
40 Box Jumps
40 Power Snatch

60s Stations x 6 Rounds:
Med Ball cleans 20/14
(Trans 15s)
Abmat Situps
(Trans 15s)
(Trans 15s)
Row for Cal
(rest 1:15)

Warm Up
EMOM x10min
2 High Box Jump over
5 OHS Bbell
4 Hvy Sets
2 Hang Snatch
20min Clean Work off Blocks
5x1 Back Squat