Tuesday - April 4, 2017


NEW RETAIL: Kalahari Biltong

What is it?

6 ingredients: Beef, salt, pepper, vinegar, chili spice, coriander. That’s it. Biltong is a traditional South African dish of air-cured beef.

Isn’t this just Jerky?

No, it’s so much better. The air-curing process renders the meat way more tender than beef jerky. Think beef prosciutto more than beef jerky. It’s in italics because it’s fancy like that.

Is this healthy?

Lots of commercially sold Jerky use artificial preservatives and flavorings to make their low-grade meat more palatable. Not this stuff. We got your gluten-free, soy-free, sugar-free, worry-free gainz right here. Per bag, you’ve got 27g protein.

Does it taste good, or just good for healthy food?

Biltong is one of those snacks where you open the bag, try it and say “hm, interesting,” then black out and 5 minutes later you’re digging out crumbs from the deepest corners of the bag. You will inhale this stuff, guaranteed. Perfect for post-workout or on the go grazing. Just know that a bag does not last very long.

This one retails for $8/bag. We have a sample in the office, just ask! As always, if you take a bag, write it on the retail sheet for us!



A1. Supinated DB Press 10-12 reps
A2. RFESS or BB Reverse lunge 8-10/leg, rest 30s bt legs
A3. Banded Lat Pulldowns 15 reps
x 4-5 sets
Tabata Mashup
Abmat Situps
Strict Pullups


DB External rotation @3010 8/arm x 4 sets