Tuesday - April 25, 2017



There may be no bigger bummer in Crossfit than a hand injury. With that ripped callus, you’re not actually hurt; it’s just a couple layers of skin, yet it’s on a crucial part of your body. Can’t pick up anything, can’t hang on anything, can’t swing on anything. A hand injury pretty much rules you out of all all activities, unless you wanna do a bunch of running and box jumps. (Shameless Plug: Come to the running clinic Saturday!) There is almost no way to make that skin grow back faster, but there are many ways to prevent that skin from tearing in the first place! So, unless you’re OK with Krazy gluing your skin back together, listen up:

Step 1: Shave those calluses.

Best done right after (or during, no judgement) a bath or shower every other week or so. Use a pumice stone, razor, nail file, fine-gauge sandpaper, or my favorite, the callus shaver (found at Walgreens in the foot care section). You’re going for smooth.

Step 2: Condition that skin.

Put on some damn lotion!

Step 3: Use an anti-inflammatory.

Here’s where we can help. It’s an old gymnast’s trick to put Preparation-H (yes, the butt cream) on your hands in the evening to wake up with less tenderness on your poor babies. Sore hands on the bar will lead you to some weird compensations, weaker grip, or just downright poor performance. Don’t let that happen! Buy the cream from us (retails for $10) to avoid really questionable Amazon search recommendations or the judgemental eyes of cashiers.

Step 4: Tape it up. 

Is today’s WOD gonna have high-rep barbell, kettlebell, or kipping movements in it? Maybe it’s best to pre-tape that thumb or pinky that always rips, instead of leaving your umpteenth skin chip at the gym. Believe it or not, the tape up front is actually for sale! It retails for $3 and we’ll always have a fresh roll in stock. Ask coach Bri or coach Zach how to make gymnast grips out of tape, and check with coach Tulman if you want to make a sweet-looking thumb cot for barbell movements. It’ll add 10# to your clean, guaranteed*

*Not actually guaranteed, but you’ll look like your PR is 10# higher, that’s for sure.

Step 5: Increase your upper body strength. 

No cost associated! Simply spending some extra time on your strict strength like hangs, pull-ups, negatives, scapula exercises, etc will help prevent that shear/pinching on the bar and provide a more secure grip (thus less ripping!). 


Rowing Technique, including...
- Starting position
- Hinge
- Sprint start
E4MOM x 5:
250m Row
10 Pushups
10 TnG Power Clean 115/75
*Rest in time remaining


A. DB External rotation @3010 10/arm, heavier than last week if able x 4 sets
B. Powell Raise @3010: 10/arm, heavier than last week if able x 4 sets