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What is the purpose of the 90% AMRAP, or in other words, the CP Battery test? And what is CP Battery?

The simplest way to answer this question is to think of your capacity to lift heavy weights as a battery. Every time you lift a weight close to you max you drain the battery, and then it recharges. When lifting a weight at say 90% of your max, you may drain your battery 50% or 85%. And it may take you 30 seconds or 3 minutes to recharge your battery, which is based on your individual physiology.

While absolute strength is important, the demands of CrossFit dictate that an athlete has the capabilities to produce near maximal force repeatedly with short rest periods. 

The phosphagen system is largely responsible for producing the energy required for near maximal lifts/efforts. The CP battery test allows us to see how quickly an athlete can regenerate his or her creatine phosphate and ATP stores within the muscle fibers and therefore perform the required work. (70% of phosphagen stores are regenerated within 30 seconds).

A score of 25 reps + is good. A score of 35+ reps is excellent and an indicator of a well developed battery. There are numerous variables to consider before placing too much stock in these scores, however. If you are new to the Power Clean, it's not a great test because your absolute score (1RM) may not be a true test of your strength. Or it's the skill of the Power Clean itself that held you back. Regardless, it's helpful information to make note of and refer back to on occasion to see where you stand. 

There are may ways to train this "recharging" ability such as EMOM work and Chipper style workouts. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask a coach.


Warmup: Gymnastics Complex
10 Rounds for time @ steady* pace:
20 Air squats
10 Renegade Row
10 Strict T2B / L-Raise / Knee Raise
200m Row

*Must record time after each round