Tuesday - April 11, 2017


RETAIL HIGHLIGHT: Hydration and Electrolytes

Well it’s April in Dallas, which means Summer is here. Most of us are well-versed in hitting our hydration targets for the day, thanks to the Whole Life Challenge (⅓ body weight in Oz, right? Remember? Anyone?). Unfortunately, though we may drink enough volume, we may not be sufficiently hydrated. Do you feel like you drink plenty of water but still feel thirsty or sluggish throughout the day? You could have an electrolyte imbalance.

So what exactly are electrolytes and how do they help hydration? Well, to save you a long scientific lecture, an electrolyte is any compound that dissolves in water to create charged ions, and as a result the solution conducts electricity. There are many important electrolytes our body uses every day to facilitate vital metabolic reactions, such as muscle contractions (how could that possibly be relevant to CrossFit?), heart rhythm, and fluid balance. Two of the most important electrolytes are Sodium (Na+), which is the major extracellular electrolyte, and Potassium (K+), which is the major intracellular electrolyte. An imbalance between these two electrolytes can result in either too much or too little fluid being available to cells, affecting their metabolic efficiency.

Most of the time, we derive our electrolytes from fresh whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables. However, if we eat processed foods, or not enough whole foods, we can become imbalanced. Have you ever eaten a really rich salty meal and felt bloated? Exactly.

We’ve got you covered, though. If you’re coming into the gym feeling really dehydrated or sluggish, or you know that you’re about to spend an hour in the Vickery sauna, reach for a C2O ($3) or an Electro-mix ($1). We’ve done our research to find items that are packed with electrolytes and not much else. This coconut water is about as pure as it gets, no added sugar or flavorings. And the electromix is like gatorade powder without all the sugar (flavored with Stevia leaf) and calories.

Post-workout, if you’re looking for something a little more substantial, grab a bag of Barnana ($2) or even an Rx bar ($2.50), which have dried fruits in them and have plenty of electrolytes as well!



10min Handstand Tech
5 Rounds or 10 minutes, for quality:
10 Jumping squats
25' Duck walk
20s HS Hold
25' Plank slides
EMOM x 27min:
1 - 6 Box jumps, tall landing
2 - 10 Push press @60-65% max
3 - 10 V-ups


Tabata Plate Pinches:
:20s hold 1 plate in each hand / :10 rest
x 8 rounds