Tuesday - March 28, 2017


New Retail Tuesdays

One goal of the new retail area is to provide you only with the kind of food we would eat ourselves. To that effect, we’re rolling out simple, healthy, and delicious snacks that you can grab pre- or post-workout and not have to think twice about.

Rx Bars:

Our new bar of choice. Damn simple. Damn Tasty. Good for those mornings when you know it’ll be a while before you can get in front of a balanced meal, or those afternoons when you roll in after back-to-back-to-back meetings since 11, no lunch. We’re starting out with two of the most popular flavors: Chocolate Sea Salt and Blueberry, but we’re open to adding others! Retails for $2.50/bar.


Imagine banana bread bites. These super addicting little snacks are only 1 ingredient: dehydrated bananas. Perfect for post-WOD carbs and electrolytes (but we’ll save that conversation for another Tuesday) or a snack whenever. Comes in Original and Coconut (OK, that one has 2 ingredients) and retails for $2.

If you’d like to try either product, just ask a coach between classes, we have samples in the office! As always, when you take something, please be sure to put your name and the item on the retail sheet. The only way we can continue providing you all with awesome products is if we can pay for them.


Double unders
Squat Clean 115/75
Push Press 115/75
Dessert: 6min AMRAP
10 Alternating leg lowers
20s/side Bird Dog Holds
20 Butterfly kicks


550m Single Arm OH Carry, switch arms as needed (use KB or DB)