Saturday - March 18, 2017

Saturday (tomorrow) 10am is a MEMBERS only class. 

We are retesting the Whole Life Challenge Workout.

Look back and remember your score. If you did not participate in the WLC you still have an original test but it is with the AD


18min to Build to Max Front Squat as Team*
*One Bar and One Rack

Rest 4min as team


In a Waterfall Format (aka pick team order)

4min Max Calories on Rower

30sec Transition
Rest 4min
30sec Transition

4min Max Burpee Over Bar


Score Team = Total Weight of Combined Maxes
Individual Score = Max Frontsquat

Score Team = Total Cal for Team
Individual Score = Individual Cals

Score Team = Total Burpees for Team
Individual Score = Individual Burpees