February 9, 2017 - Thursday

99% of us, maybe less, will go to the CrossFit Games. That doesn't mean you cant enjoy the Sport of Fitness. This is a documentary that is out for preorder on Itunes and highly recommended as a behind the scenes look at some of the highest level athletes. You can check the years past as well which all have documentaries of their own. 

The CF Open is our chance to compete against our friends or just ourselves. Sign up at www.games.crossfit.com


Bullet Proof Shoulders as a class
Emom x 10min
Pullups or Vairation
-Scapula Pullups
-Barbell Pullups
-Strict Pullups

*Find a constant number that you can perform
all 10min and performt that number
4 Sets
A1) 5-10 Ring or Box Dip Negatives
A2)10 Wall Angels



3-4 Sets
25sec AB Sprint at 100%
Rest 3:20min

If your calories fall off more than 3 then stop the sets