Saturday - Oct 7, 2017

OPEN GYM 9-11am (Members Only)

Yoga Sunday at 10am before Open Gym


-Split work evenly, if you don't want to then go solo.
-A pair of partners throws 6 darts total
-Each partner has to throw 3 darts
-When a dart is thrown and lands on a number on the board. You write down the exercise that matches that number.
- IF the dart misses the numbered area on the board.  It adds 30 burpees to the workout you have at the end. Keep track of missed darts
-Reshoot missed darts until all 6 darts successfully hit the board.
- Once you have 6 movements that your darts have hit. You are allowed get rid of 1 of them of your choosing.
- Now with a final list of 5 movements and reps. You can divide the work up in any way the partners would like.

- Divide the work up in a way where it is a short amount of work and short amount of rest. Do not allow for one person to be working for ong periods of time.
-Don't forget to add the 30 burpee penalty missed darts to your workout


Numbers on the Board and their correlating movements and reps

1: 1 Mile Run
2: 2000m Row
3: 300 DU/BallJumps
4: 4 mile AB
5: 50 DB Thruster 50/35
6: KBS 70/53
7: Pullups/ Partner Pullups
8: 800m run
9: Box Jump 30/24
10: 1000m Ski Erg
11: 110 Dead Lift 185/135
12: 12 x 100m Run
13: 130 Box Jumps 24/20
14: 140 Burpee over Box 24/20
15: Walking Lunge
16: 1600m Run
17: 170 Ring Row
18: 180 Burpees
19: Snatch 135/95
20: Clean and Jerk 155/105
Bullseye Green or Red: 200 Wallballs