January 21, 2017 - Saturday


Members only class this Saturday. No Community Wod.

18min to Build to Max Front Squat
In a Waterfall Format

4min Max Calories on Rower

30sec Transition
Rest 4min
30sec Transition

4min Max Burpee Over Bar

Score Team = Total Weight of Combined Maxes
Individual Score = Max Frontsquat

Score Team = Total Cals for Team
Individual Score = Individual Cals

Score Team = Total Burpees for Team
Individual Score = Individual Burpees

Total Score Team = Combined Maxes + Combined Cal + Combined Burpees

Total Score Individual = Fr Sq Max (lbs) + Cals Rowed + Burpees

Notes: Your whole team does not have to be here to get an team score as long as you have an individual score.  

RETEST 12-1:30 on Sunday (tomorrow) for test in case you miss Saturday. 

OR Monday afternoon in an uncoached session during classes