January 11, 2017 - Wednesday

DexaFit Booth @ Vickery TODAY

Vickery Athletics has been given an offer for discounted DEXA scans that come at a perfect time with the Whole Life Challenge. If you're never heard of a DEXA scan, it is one of the most accurate body composition tests you can get. They are normally a bit pricey - but we have been offered the chance for 2 scans at a total cost of $110 from DexaFit here in Dallas (this is TWO scans for their normal price of a single scan).

If you want some more info check out their website at https://www.dexafit.com and we will have a rep from DexaFit hanging out in the gym this afternoon who can answer your questions! Email Bri@CFDCVickery.com if you want to snag one of the reserved spots for this limited offer.


Toes to Bar Development (cont.)
a. 2x: 5-10 Kips With Sponge
b. 2x: Shoulder Target Drill w/ Partner
c. Complex: K2E, T2B, Straddle 2 Bar
d. Complex: Ascending/Descending T2B Height
3-4 sets:
Retest 60s Row all out
(Rest between sets)
- If there is severe drop-off bt sets 2-3, skip the 4th


10min Easy jog
Pick 2 mobility drills and spend a minimum of 3 minutes on each