July 20, 2016 - Wednesday

"Big Team Battle"
Teams of 5*
550 Burpees**
450 Wallball (14#)
250 OHS/Fron Squat (75#)
375 PowerClean/Deadlift (95#)****

*The Burpees are your "green light"

**If the person doing burpees is moving the other 4 people (one working at a time) can attack the work any way they wish. Burpees stop... Team has to stop. Once burpees are done team just has to finish the work or visa versa.

*** One wall ball, one bar, weight changes on team, have to go in order.

Guys Power Clean and OHS/ Women FrontSquat and Deadlift

Score will be tracked on board but overall will be Total Time.