May 31, 2016 - Tuesday

Hello, once again! Congratulations on completing the last 9 weeks of programming. Across the board there were some major jumps in front squat, which was the main focus, as well as some conditioning PR's. 

This next block of programming is another 9-week cycle. Similar to the last cycle, it is 7 week days long. Saturdays are community days, purely focused on not interfering with Monday through Friday.  Sundays are meant to be rest days or active recovery, so get out and enjoy the summer before it becomes deathly hot.  There will be no "Hero or Named" workouts in this cycle.  Well.... maybe two Frans in one day. Other than that...none. 

This cycle will have days that are jam packed with exercise. Do not be intimidated by a long or rigorous workout. We will ALWAYS make sure that scaling is appropriate! It would benefit you to arrive early and do some general warm-up and mobility on days that look long, however. 

There is not a "test" week to start, but there is a minor one to finish off nine weeks down the road.  You had multiple opportunities to test strict press last week as well as two Fridays ago. That is the only set test. As a side note, due to lack of interest we will not be picking up Wednesday barbell at Vickery. Please feel free to visit Fondrens barbell class Tues/Thurs @ 5:30pm and Saturdays at 9:00am.

Here is what you will see in 7 weekdays (not necessarily in this order):

Strict Press Progression: 1x per cycle
'Poopy' Workout: 1x per cycle (think short fast work and lots of rest)
Sprint Progression: 1x per cycle (literally sprinting... aka running fast)
Double Leg Squat: 1x per cycle (front, back, ohs)
Single Leg Work: 0.5x per cycle (sometimes squat, sometimes pull)
Aerobic Base: 3x per cycle (just work to keep us in shape throughout the days)
Weightlifting: 2x per cycle (sometimes just by itself sometimes in heavy workout)
Gymnastics Volume/Bodybuilding: 1x per cycle (could be mixed in with any of the above)

Please reach out to Zach@cfdcvickery with any questions. If you come to this 9 weeks consistently, expect to get stronger while keeping the conditioning you've gained on last cycle. 



5 Sets:
4 Tough Strict Press
AMRAP Push Press
(Record strict press weight and push press reps)
4 Sets for Total Time AFAP:
7 Burpee Over KB
10 KBS 70/53
7 Burpee Over KB
(Rest 2min)