March 28, 2016 - Monday



Workout of the Day- Leaderboard Day

25 min Max Front Squat: Test
10,8,6,4,2, Max Attempts

50 Burpees For Time

Rest 6 min

50 Burpee For Time

About the next 9 weeks of programming. 

Hello- First and foremost, amazing job to everyone who competed and did the CrossFit Games Open workouts. This was one of my favorite years of programming by CrossFit HQ, every workout was fairly simple and ruthless. Remember your times, there is a possibility of a retest of some of these workouts by end of this year. 

This next 9 weeks we will have a couple priorities. They are listed below. 

  1. FUN CrossFit - There will be days that are less fun, but after 5 long weeks of the Open lets get back to just working out and have fun doing it. Get ready to test alot of named workouts. At the end of this program we will have a week of including Kelly, Vickery Total, Front Squat. 
  2. Strength Biased - Front Squat/Scatch....... No silly billies this does NOT mean that there will be no conditioning... summer is coming up after all. 
  3. NO BARBELL CLASSES- Barbell is cancelled for the next 9 weeks. We will pick it up again after this programming block. The programming has you on a barbell most days of the week. 

Th last 8 weeks of programming we were on a weekly schedule.... meaning Mondays we deadlifted, Tuesdays were aerobic.... etc.... you should of very much had a feel for the days of the week. This next 9 weeks is different in that we are on a 7 day repeating schedule (Mon-Fri counting as days). Below is the skeleton for the 7 days. So everyday of the week will not be the same. 

  • DAY 1: Front Squat Linear Progression and tough poopy workout (the short kind that hurt)
  • DAY 2: Aerobic Non-Loaded Progression
  • DAY 3: Heavy Pull/Gymnastics
  • DAY 4: Snatch/OHS. Weightlifting Tech
  • DAY 5: CF Leaderboard around the weeks movements
  • DAY 6: Aerobic/Running Priority (Chipper)
  • Day 7: Push/Pull formatted to weeks movements
  • SATURDAYS: Team and Individual Aerobic/Anaerobic Mixed around weeks movements

A note on REST DAYS: Rest when you are tired and beat up. I would HIGHLY recommend you use Sundays to go outside and enjoy the Spring weather doing something that is maybe a sport or just active and NOT workout.  

Confused? Then just come in and workout... Questions > email >