November 4, 2016 - Friday


We have had a ton of questions on why the format has changed this year. For the past 7 years, ACO has been a competitive fitness event showcasing amazing talent around the country. Although this format is awesome as we love to participate in competitive CrossFit competitions, this year, we want to give back to OUR community. The mission of ACO8 is having as many of our members and friends of our gym participate in a competitive event that's applicable for all, helps individually and collectively conquer challenges and goals, while celebrating our city of Dallas by giving back to a local charity.

All Cities Open 8 Saturday December 3, 2016. We will have rolling starts at CrossFit Pac Elm from 8am to 9am. We will end at CrossFit Dallas Central, the event will last approximately 4 hours, plus a celebration at the end.

You will be in teams of 4 (men or women, whatever combination) and will be on-foot from Pac Elm to Vickery Athletics, to The Fieldhouse Gym, ending at CrossFit Dallas Central. Think of this as a long scavenger hunt, where you and your team begin at Pac Elm, get to Vickery Athletics as quickly as possible on foot, complete a list of "tasks", then move onto the Fieldhouse to complete more "tasks". The last leg of the event will be from The Fieldhouse to CrossFit Dallas Central, where more "tasks" will be assigned.

All teams will meet at Pac Elm and will begin the race in waves. You will stick with your team the entire way from Pac Elm to Fondren.

Our 4 communities want as many people from CFDC to participate as possible! Friends of CFDC and past ACOs, please come participate as well. You are all considered our community.

Registration opens November 4th at 8:00am. This for a 4-person team, any combination of gender, age, ability levels. The entry fee is, wait for it, FREE. However, with your registration, we ask you kindly donate a toy per team member or $25 per team member to Toys for Tots.
Register here:


1000m Row Buy In
5 RFT:
5 Hang Snatch (155/105)
20 Box Jump Step Down