November 24, 2016 - Thursday

Dear Vickery members,
Taking time to recognize what we are grateful for is one of the best parts of the holiday season. There are some important things we, as owners and coaches, take a lot of pride in here at Vickery: effective programming, attentive coaching, and ample amounts of sarcasm...

But the most important part of our home will always be the community. And that is something you guys are to thank for. The privilege of walking into a place filled with people we love, who show up to do super uncomfortable nonsense with a sense of humor is something we never take for granted. Seeing you guys continually welcome newcomers with such warmth sets the tone for Vickery's environment, and we could never thank each of you enough for helping us create it.

We hope you all enjoy a relaxing, food-filled day with your loved ones. Happiest Thanksgiving from your Vickery fam!

Bri, Zach and Tulman


Vickery is closed. Go out and jog before the big meal. 

24min Jog