February 29, 2016 - Monday

Train Hard, Recover Harder

The Open Workouts are tests. The difference between training (what we do on a  regular basis) and testing (less frequent) is how much we ask of our bodies minds during those occasions. That is the fun part! The less fun part is making sure that after we have thrown our bar across the room, rolled around on the ground, slapped some high fives and wondered wtf we're going to eat for dinner, that we have a plan for ensuring that session doesn't set us back in soreness or aches for a couple days. Because no matter how tough the workout is, it doesn't have to. Something as simple as setting 5 minutes aside after your workout and hitting some basic stretches for hips, hamstring and/or shoulders will give your heart rate a chance to slow down, continue to shuttle blood through your body to aid in recovery and ensure your muscles cool down properly (and not FREEZE after all the work you just did). 

Mens' Health: "Why Special Ops Are Doing Yoga -  And Why You Should Too" - If you are interested in a more regular yoga routine or just want to try it out, head down the block to our friends at City Yoga. You can try an entire month for only $29.  

ROMWOD.com - The full blown class a little too intimidating? Feel like you're just not bendy enough? Try out ROMWod.com. You can customize options such as what area of the body you'd like to improve, video length and more. Free one-week trial to start.


Every 90s for 15min:
2 TnG Deadlift
15sec Prisoner hold
DL (135/95)