February 22, 2016 - Monday

Programming - 5 Weeks of Open Workouts

Well, well, well... First 3 week mini-block of this 8 week cycle is done. This is the first week of the CrossFit Opens. If you have been running and going to Mondays the past 3 weeks you should be feeling in "semi" good condition. Go into these workouts confident that you have tackled tougher workouts than these upcoming 5 workouts (thoughhhhhh that could be totally wrong seeing we have no clue what they are). Regardless, have fun with this next 5 weeks and don't take it too seriously.  If you need to make up a workout on a Monday morning, talk to us and we will get you in.

Here is a lay of the upcoming 5 weeks. It will be the same 6-day cycle with day priorities. The past 3 weeks and these next 5 weeks will not have a priority on heavy squatting besides in weightlifting class.

Monday: Deadlift Progression and Poopy - Besides Opens day. This is your toughest day of the week. If you decide to retest an Open workout or Monday plan on missing these days or if you are very sore from retesting Sunday.

Tuesday: Aerobic - This is going to help you recover from possibly multiple opens test or Monday Deadlift volume.

Wednesday: Gymnastic/Light WL Volume or Weightlifting Class Volume - Your Wednesday can go in two different directions in this 5 weeks. Either stick in class and get in some gymnastics volume or head into the 6pm WL class to get your heavy squats in. 

Thursday (Open workout release night): Structural and/or Aerobic work - These days are days made not to beat you up and work on some accessory strength work. Hopes are these workouts will not get in the way of Friday. These are subject to change

Friday: Opens 2016 - We will perform the opens workouts in class. Saturdays programming will depend on these days. 

Priorities: Pullup test, 2 Rep Max Deadlift, Finish and Retest in WL Class, The Opens

1 Mile Run Results


1st - Tulman 6:10, 2nd - Klitch/Chris D 6:14, 3rd - Cam 6:25, 4th - Trey 6:26


1st - Meg 6:49, 2nd - Ash 6:56, 3rd - Alex 7:16, 4th - 7:24


Test: Build to 2RM Deadlift in 12min
4 Rounds for time:
10 Deadlift (275/185)
50 Double unders