February 1, 2016 - Monday



The Opens are here rearing its gnarly head upon the CrossFit world. While we encourage everyone to sign up for the Opens, don't beat yourself up over it. CrossFit is a professional sport nowadays, and we choose to compete in the Opens to learn new skills, push ourselves, test ourselves, and compete with friends. There are scaled and RX versions of each workout.

That being said...Vickery Athletics will be shifting into our next block of programming. This next block is 8 weeks long. It is broken up into a 3-week mini blocks and a 5 week block to take us through the end of the Opens. The goal of this programming mainly lies around conditioning and pulling strength (think pullups and deadlift). 

As members you will start to see the days of the week structured. Here are the next 3 weeks before the Opens.  Don't be scared of running or pullups, people. They are two of the most beneficial movements to work on. Take rest days when you need them. 

Monday: CF Opens Repeat | Tues: Strength and Structure | Wed: Aerobic Work or Weightlifting Class Volume | Thurs: Pullup/Running | Friday: Vickery Tester | Saturday: Community

Priorities will be the following: Opens conditioning, 1 Mile Time Trial, Pullup Test, Powerclean.

Scared? Nervous? Confused as hell? Questions? Email: zach@cfdcvickery.com

"Cindy" Results


1st - Joe 20+16, 2nd - Jack 18+15, 3rd - Sebastian 17+15, 4th - Trey 17+14


1st - Meg 16+7, 2nd - Alex 13+5


Workout of the Day

Hi-Hang Power Clean Tech

EMOM x 10 min:
2 Hi-Hang Power Clean + 2 Hi-Hang Clean
"Opens 11.5"
20 min AMRAP:
5 Power Clean 135/95
10 T2B
15 Wall Ball 20/14